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The notification for the civil services examinations held annually by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is issued in February each year. This is a three stage examination. The first stage examination, called the Prelims, is held in June. The second stage examination, called the Mains, is held around October – November, and the Personality Test Interviews – the third and final stage – are held in February – March of the subsequent year. The selection list is generally issued by UPSC in April.

Therefore, it takes about 14 months from the date of notification, issued in February each year, for the entire selection process to be completed and appointment letters being issued to the successful candidates.

The two services which are called All India Services (AIS) are the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and the India Police Service (IPS). The third All India Service is Indian Forest Service (IFoS). But the recruitment to this service is done through a parallel but separate process because of the different eligibility criteria relating to the intrinsic nature of work in that service.

The officers selected to the All India Services are allotted a state cadre based on a complex but transparent criteria. Thereafter, they are required to work throughout their service in that particular state only, interspersed with deputation postings from time to time to various ministries of the government of India. Because of this duality of control over their careers by the political authority in power from time time in the central and state governments, a separate set of rules called the All India Service Rules, have been framed to enable the officers belonging to the All India Services to perform their duties in an impartial and objective manner without fear of possible vindictive action from any quarters.

The normal level of recruitment to IAS & IPS is about 180 allotments every year to each of these services. There could be minor variations from year to year based on requirements. As per the extant reservation policy, only about 90 posts each in both the services would be available in the general quota. Thus, the cut off lists for General Quota, SC, ST, OBC and the quota for candidates suffering from various kinds of disabilities might show wide variations from year to year depending on inter se fluctuations which, in turn, is a factor related to the number of serious applicants in each category who perform up to the expectations of the UPSC in that particular year. This is where lady Luck comes into the picture and all that you can do is to pray that She remains on your side !! Best IAS Coaching in Lucknow

There are 17 other group ‘A’ services, apart from the All India Services mentioned above, to which recruitment takes place through the very same UPSC Civil Services examinations. The successful aspirants who get appointed to any of these services are all part of the same civil service and are on par with those recruited to IAS and IPS. The only difference is that they would remain, for their entire career span, to be under the administrative control of that ministry of the union government which oversees the functions performed by the members of that service. These 17 group ‘A’ services are :

  1. Indian Foreign Service
  2. Indian Audit and Accounts Service
  3. Indian Railway Accounts Service
  4. Indian Civil Accounts Service
  5. Indian Defence Accounts Service
  6. Indian P & T Accounts & Finance Service
  7. Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax)
  8. Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Excise
  9. Indian Railway Traffic Service
  1. Indian Railway Personnel Service
  2. Indian Postal Service
  3. Indian Corporate Law Service
  4. Indian Trade Service
  5. Indian Information Service
  6. Indian Defence Estates Service
  7. Indian Ordnance Factories Service
  8. Railway Protection Force Group ‘A’

The number of vacancies available every year in each of these services is dependent on a combination of subjective factors such as the number of retirements projected to take place in the same period in that service, the expansion of the infrastructure relating to that particular ministry, any changes in the nature and functions of the posts associated with that service and so on. For example, introduction of Goods & Services Tax (GST) has given totally different dimensions to the working of Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Excise) which may lead to considerable restucturing at various levels in this particular service. However, the total number of vacancies each year in all these group ‘A’ services put together is just about 600, of which nearly 300 would be in the general quota and the balance would be in the other pre-identified quotas.

The aspirants are hereby advised that promotions in any service, whether it be an All India Service or any of the 17 Central Services, would be dependent entirely on purely subjective factors like the number of the officers belonging to the immediately next senior batches and their respective age profiles. Large batches ahead could slow down promotions for those belonging to the batches immediately behind. And even if the batches ahead are small in size, there could be officers in those batches with very favourable age profiles who could remain in higher posts for longer years. Therefore, aspirants should never believe any rumors about this or that service being more attractive or less attractive. Every service has such fluctuations from year to year. Every All India Service and Central Service offers a variety of very exciting and challenging opportunities to serve the nation apart from an unmatched stability of professional career.

Thus we see that even in the largest pool – the general quota -- the total number of group’A’posts on offer in any single year, including in the two All India Services, would not be more than about 500. This is what makes this examination one of the toughest in the world in terms of the intensity of competition.

Nearly ten lakh candidates register their names each year for the civil services examination in response to the notification issued in February. But almost half of them drop out and only about 5 lakh candidates appear for the Prelims held in June. Out of these, maximum 15,000 candidates qualify for the Mains. Of these, around 4,000 aspirants are called for the interview in a ratio of 1:4 for the total number of posts in group ‘A’ actually advertised.

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