PCS(J) Coaching in Lucknow

The examinations for filling up the vacancies in the cadre of the UP Judicial Service are held from time to time depending on the administrative requirements. The examination process is initiated by UP Public Service Commission as and when directive to this effect is received from the Hon’ble High Court of Allahabad.

There has been no notification for a PCS (J) Exam in 2019. The UP Public Service Commission calendar of exams for the period up to March 2020 does not mention anything about it. Therefore, it is likely that the next PCS (J) Exam would be held only after the final semester exams in Law colleges are conducted in summer of 2020. This gives the aspirants considerable time to prepare for this exam.

The examination process has three segments - the Prelims, the Mains and finally, the interview.

The established pattern is that coaching for PCS (J) Exam should be for one year duration. However, since individual requirements, skills and knowledge levels vary across any group of aspirants, Athena Coaching Academy offers the flexibility of joining coaching for a minimum of six months, with further continuation in multiples of three months, for any length of time. The fee structure is also organized in such a way that any aspirant can join coaching for by paying the fees for only three months at a time.

The actual fees to be paid at any point of time would be dependent on the prevailing fee structure for this segment of coaching. These details can always be ascertained through regular updates given on the Facebook page "Athena PCS J Coaching in Lucknow".

The pedagogy processes at Athena Coaching Academy are bilingual, but the candidates are expected to have sufficient skills in English language to be able to comprehend the nuances of legal interpretation contained in various court judgments delivered by the Hon’ble Supreme Court and by the Hon’ble High Courts of various states which create the framework for the case laws in the Indian system of jurisprudence. The classroom lectures would always be in a mix of Hindi and English so that those aspirants who can read and understand court judgments recorded in English but cannot express themselves well in English would not suffer any inconvenience.

PCS J Coaching in Lucknow

The PCS (J) Exam 2018 was notified in September 2018. The three tier exam commenced in December 2018 and the results were declared in July 2019 as per the details given below :

UP PCS(J) - 2018 Exam

Notification issued : 10.09.2018
Vacancies notified : 610
Registrations made : 64,691
Actually appeared : 38,209
Prelims held on : 16.12.2018
Number qualified : 5,958
Appeared for Mains : 4,573
Mains held up to : 01.02.2019
Result declared : 13.06.2019
Called for interview : 1,847
Result declared : 15.07.2019

The aspirants for PCS (J) come from diverse backgrounds. The standards of teaching of Law subjects would be at considerable variance between one institution and another. Therefore, at Athena

Coaching Academy, no attempt is made to form a “Batch”. As far as possible, coaching is individually customized. Our teachers are highly experienced and have the skill to guide each student differently in accordance with his/her needs.

Classes may be held 5 or 6 days a week, depending on the consensus among the aspirants joining coaching for any period of time. The fee structure includes the fees for the General Paper also. There are no hidden charges of any kind over and beyond the fees mentioned in the Facebook page updates.

Athena Coaching Academy maintains the highest degree of professional excellence in teaching of Law subjects. Aspirants for PCS (J) would benefit by joining the coaching here.